Costa Rica


Marzipan, clover honey, golden raisin, black cherry.

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About this coffee
The white honey process in this coffee brings out a lot of fruit flavor and balances the acidity making it a very delicious complex cup.
The saying “don’t work with your family” doesn’t always apply to coffee, and some of the best producers we have met work closely with parents, children, siblings, cousins—all their close relations. Cerro San Luis Micromill in Costa
Rica’s West Valley is no different: The mill and its affiliated farms are run by a pair of second-generation coffee-producing sisters and their husbands. The family’s farms are adjacent to one another, and the micromill they share is
located at the family home not far away.

Origin Details:

What We Taste: Marzipan, clover honey, golden raisin, black cherry.
Altitude: 1300-1600 masl
Proc. Method: White Honey

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