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Tucked away amongst New York City’s subway corridors Is one of the Big Apple’s best-kept secrets.

In 2015, Voyager Espresso opened its doors to serve up high-quality coffee and espresso in NYC Financial District. The café, located in a subway passage on William Street honors the science craftsmanship behind every cup we make. Our founders envisioned a space where they could take coffee next level - where exactness science and artistic spirit innovation collide to create something brand new! They named the cafe as a nod to the work of  Carl Sagan a prolific astronomer whose passionate study of the cosmos transcended science to become a marvelous pursuit of wonder.

Voyager Espresso is driven by that same idea. We don’t just blend and grind beans—we craft specialty coffee beverages that are inspired by science and infused with creativity. The café is a gathering place for connoisseurs of taste, flavor and aroma, who love coffee as much as we do. Here, you can enjoy a specialty drink that’s prepared exclusively for you, and deepen your coffee-drinking experience by learning more about its creation. Whether you stay for a while or leave in a flash, you can always indulge in your favorite beverage.

Now nearly seven years later, after acquiring vast experience in the industry and a great deal of knowledge in coffee and  people's tastes we are ready to take the specialty coffee industry by storm. We want to share our love for sustainability and fresh taste with you by providing only fair trade coffees traced back sustainable farms.

Our small batch roasting approach guarantees you'll always get your cup of joe at peak freshness for brewing.

Become a part of the Voyager coffee club with a customizable coffee subscription—we’ll ship single-origin coffee, signature blends, or espresso directly to you within 24 hours of roasting so that it’s always fresh. Monthly subscriptions start at $10, and you’ll receive complimentary shipping and early access to new products as well.

There’s coffee, and then there’s Voyager Espresso Coffee. Explore with us.



At Voyager Espresso, it’s more than just a cup of outstanding coffee. It’s about connection and the simple joys of life, in an increasingly disconnected, digital world.